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Coaching for global players

Managment-Coaching companies and organizations that conduct business in more than one culture!

On the background of my diversivied experience:

- with different cultueres (U.S.american, frensh, japanese and southamerican),

- my broad knowledge and extensive experience with group-dynamical processes and

- my experience with individual- and group-coaching

I offer coaching for "Global Players". The object is to integrate in the most effective way

- the local cultural background of the "branch" and the "globale culture" of the company and head-office.

- the resources and potentials of individual employees and entire teams

- to explore how these can be integrated most effectively and how they can reenforce each other positively.

This kind of Coaching is especially interesting for companies that are engaged in doing business in several cultures and who have to meet the challenge to integrate different local cultures and the global culture of the company without loosing the latter one nor entering into a destructive confrontation with the local cultures.

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