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Internet Psychotherapie - Cyber-Praxis

Andreas von Wallenberg Pachaly

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What is Internet Psychotherapy

or Internet Counseling?


You write Your problem, or pose Your questions in the prepared form for "counseling" and within 2-3 days You will recieve a professional, qualified answer.


If You feel the need to enter into a more extensive, in-depth exchange an Internet-Psychotherapy may evolve. There exists the possibility that we shall be communicationg for weeks or even months and I shall accompany You in the solution of Your problems and in the growth of Your personality. Use the prepared form "Therapy", You are asked more questions to give me more information about Your problems, needs, and desires.

Internet Psychotherapy has been carried out successfully in Germany already for some years. It offers new possibilities for people who live too remote to have the chance to contact a therapist or who have been too ashamed, too shy, or have been hurt too painfully to become able to overcome their fears of rejection or even worse of annihilation.

My answer will reach You by E-Mail.

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