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Andreas von Wallenberg Pachaly

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Andreas S.G.Wallenberg Pachaly

Andreas von Wallenberg Pachaly, Diplom-Psychologe, Psychoanalyst
and Group-Analyst, Clinical Psychologist.

Extended Biography from Who is Who in the Federal Republic of Germany: Publishers for VIP Encyclopedias Corp., USA

Born, June 12th. 1950 in Munich.1967/68 High-School graduate in Kent/Seattle by a Scholarship of the American Field Service Exchange Program.
1969 Abitur in Munich.
1969/70 studies in Psychology at the U. of Montpellier, France.
1970 - 73 studies in Psychology at the Waseda-University, Tokyo with Prof.Hitoshi Aiba, clinical and social Psychologist, member of the Japanese Academy of Sciences.
1972/73 studies in Psychoanalysis at Keio-University, Tokyo with Prof.Keigo Okonogi, head of the Japanese Psychoanalytic Association.
1972/73 Training at the Shibata Clinic, Tokyo, a psychotherapeutic out-patient clinic.
1973 -75 studies in psychology at the U. of Munich.
1975 Diploma in Psychology.
1973 - 77 Training in Psychoanalysis and Group-Analysis at theMunich Training and Research Institut of the German Academy of Psychoanalysis.
1973 - 77 Training-analysis with Dr.Gustav Hans Graber, Berne/Switzerland, a pioneer of pre- and perinatal Psychology.
1973 - 77 group-training-analysis with Dr.med.Jan Pohl, Munich.
1975 - 77 Staff member of the first German dynamic-psychiatric hospital, working with the principles of therapeutic communities, psychoanalytic milieutherapy, and dynamic psychiatry.
1978/79 Staff member at the Berlin Institut of the German Academy of Psychoanalysis.
1980 - 85 Head of the Training and Research Institut of the German Academy of Psychoanalysis at Duesseldorf.
1981 - 85 Director of the Duesseldorf Psychoanalytic Kindergarten of the German Association for Group-Psychotherapy.
Since 1982 member of the german working conference of M.D.'s andpsychologists of amnesty international for the treatment of victims of torture.
Since 1985 in private psychoanalytic and group-analytic praxis.
1986 visiting psychoanalytic superviser at the Universidad Centroamericana, Managua and the Psychiatric Hospital.
Guest lecturer at the Institute of Studies of the Far East of the University of Duesseldorf
1986-2001 Director of the Free Center for Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Duesseldorf, a non-profit N.G.O., where he developed the concept of sheltered living as a "Therapeutic Community within the Community".
Since 1989 conducting therapeutic communities at "Haus Steprath".
Numerous publications in the field of psychoanalysis, group-analysis, psychoanalytic therapy of borderline-patients, psychotic and schizophrenic patients, structural violence and social psychology.
(Co-Author of the Chapter on Schizophrenia of the handbook of Dynamic Psychiatry , Vol.1 and author of: The "German Marriage": Intrapsychic, Interpersonal, and International Dimensions, in Group Process and Political Dynamics (!995, Eds.: Ettin, Fiedler, Cohen, IUP). Hobbies: Skiing, Sailing, Traveling.


Membership in international professional organisations


1. International Association of Group Psychotherapy (IAGP) seit 1980.

IAGP is a truly lobal organisation of Group-Psychotherapists. A specific characteristic of IAGP is that underneath its umbrella coexist grouptherapists of different Schools (psychoanalytically oriented, Psychodrama, Gestalt, Therapeutic Community). They work fruitfully together and meet every three years at a large international Congress. In turn it takes place in all the continents of our world and a very lively and profound exchange of clinical experience and creative ideas is achieved.

2. Association of Therapeutic Communities (ATC)

The annual international conferences in Windsor (nerby London) are intellecual and personal highlights. Limited to about 60 participants this conference offers a very intensive opportunity for exchange of ideas, clinical practise and the frank discussion of new approaches.

The ATC has its roots in the work of Maxwel Jones (one of its founders), Tom Main, Bion, Harold Bridger and other pioneers in the work with therapeutic communities. ATC publishes its own international Journal.

3.International Society for the Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia (ISPS).

This association was founded by Gaetano Benedetti, a Suisse pioneer of the psychotherapy of Psychosis. It conducts International Symposia every three years on the psychological and more specifically psychoanalytic treatment of the schizophrenias and of psychosis. It is the international forum in this field where the possibilities of psychotherapy are dicussed, research is presented and new therapeutic ways are explored..

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