Group or Team Supervision

Team supervision is not only a necessary, but today also widely recognized opportunity for teams to reflect on the nature and content of joint work. At the same time the effects of the work on the own team structures are also considered. Especially teams in social work are constantly under high social pressure, which does not leave its mark on the individual employees. High stress in the team becomes apparent when the sickness rate rises, when the fluctuation from the team is so high that the overall continuity suffers. Stress in the team is caused by upcoming restructuring. Stress in the team arises when leadership changes or serious unforeseen events occur. These “problem areas” should be openly discussed within the framework of supervision. Links and interlinkages between work, team culture and the individual become visible, communicable and thus easier to handle. Some teams “suffer” from the stressful work without really knowing where the problems actually lie; contributing to a better work performance and higher employee satisfaction here is also the task of a successful team supervision.

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