Online therapie/ good reasons

  • Anonymity: Many people feel too vulnerable to be exposed to a direct encounter and confrontation.

  • Trial therapy: You are dealing with starting a conventional psychotherapy, but first you want to get a feeling for what it could bring you.

  • Financially manageable: You can get a qualified professional opinion for your problem with little money.

  • Easy access: If you live in a small town or in the country, there may not be a qualified therapist near you or you may be afraid of being in a village due to its high profile.

  • Physical disability: You cannot seek conventional psychotherapy due to a physical disability or severe disability

  • Time flexibility: Online therapy requires no appointment arrangements. You can always write to your therapist and he will answer you at short notice (maximum 48 hours).

  • Binding statements: You will receive a written document about what your therapist thinks about your problem, your statement, your thoughts. But you also determine in your question what you consider to be your most urgent problem at the moment. This can help you to set priorities in your life

  • Documentation: Since your contribution and my contribution are always in written form, you can save them and thus have the course of your growth history in writing. You can fall back on this at any time later on, tie on to individual points and review it again.

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