Supervision is about understanding

An indispensable prerequisite in any communicative action. Supervision is about making “blind spots” visible and making repressed, denied or split feelings perceptible in order to deepen the relationship with the patient again, but also to open up the space in which the patient can grow in his ability to relate to himself and others.

Supervision strives not only for empathic understanding in the sense of compassion and participation in the existence of the other, but also for case understanding, i.e. the penetration of a mostly very complex interpersonal relationship situation in its various dimensions, i.e. in their normative, social, psychological, economic, structural, historical, political, cultural and also in their conscious and unconscious realities with the aim of working out a deeper understanding of the interpersonal dyadic or even group relationship, which makes it possible to come closer to the hidden meaning by making the there and then distinguishable from the here and now and making an encounter in the here and now possible again.

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