CV curriculum vitae

Psychoanalyst, group therapist, teaching and supervision analyst. Born: Munich June 12, 1950, Ki: Philipp (84), Mahè (87) and Maxim (90).

1967/68 Study visit to Seattle, USA, 1968 High-School Diploma. 1969/70 Psych.Stud. University of Montpellier, France, 1070-73 Waseda University Tokyo,

1973-75 Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich.

1972-73 Training as psychoanalyst Keio-Univ. Tokyo and 1973-78 at the Munich and Berlin Universities

Teaching and Research Institute of the German Academy for Psychoanalysis (DAP). 1975-77 employee of the first Dynamic Psychiatric Clinic in Germany, 1978/79 employee at the Berlin Teaching and Research Institute of the DAP.

1980-85 Head of the Düsseldorf Institute of DAP and Vice-President of DAP. 1985 Resignation of all functions in the DAP and termination of membership.

Since 1985 he has been working in free psychoanalytical and group psychotherapeutic practice in Düsseldorf, specialising in group psychotherapy, individual psychotherapy and trauma therapy. The practice is internationally oriented and is visited by many non-German-speaking patients (English, Spanish, Japanese).

1986-2001 Chairman of the Board of the “Free non-profit counselling centre for psychotherapy”.

1986 guest lecturer at the Fak.f.Psychologie d.Uni.Central America Managua, Nicaragua, guest lecturer at the Otasieninstitut of the Univ.Düsseldorf. Member of the Medical Psychology Working Group of Amesty International.

Since 1989 director of “Therapeutic Communities” at Haus Steprath”.

1997 The Theater of the Oppressed, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1989-2002 Development of assisted living communities as “Therapeutic Community in the Community”.

Since 2008 integration of and cooperation with “Art Therapy” in the psychoanalytic Gupprntherapeutischen process

Since “2016 annual field research with an Indian tribe (Embera) in Darien, the second largest contiguous jungle area in the world (between Colombia and Panama).

Special interest in “Therapeutic community in the community”, in psychotherapy and in the application of group-dynamic knowledge to social processes.

Numerous publications, author of the article: The “German Marriage”: Intrapsychic, Interpersonal, and International Dimensions, in Group Process and Political Dynamics (!995, Eds.: Ettin, Fiedler, Cohen, IUP). Group Psychotherapy for Victims of Political Persecution and Ethnic Conflict in: The Healing Circle: Group Psychotherapy for Psychological Trauma (Eds. Schermer&Klein), Guilford, New York 2000.

Hobbies: sailing, skiing, travelling, sailing.

Memberships in international professional societies

1st International Association of Group Psychotherapy (IAGP) since 1980.

IAGP is a global organization of group psychotherapists. What is special about IAGP is that group therapists from various schools (psychoanalytic, psychodrama, Gestalt, Therapeutic Community) work together under its umbrella and exchange ideas every three years at major international congresses which take place alternately on all continents.

2nd Association of Therapeutic Communities (ATC)

This society holds annual international conferences in Windsor (near London), where professionals working in “therapeutic communities” exchange information. ATC is based on the work of Maxwel Jones, Tom Main, Bion, Harold Bridger and other pioneers of work with therapeutic communities. ATC publishes its own international trade journal.

3rd International Society for the Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia (ISPS).

This society goes back to Gaetano Benedetti and other pioneers of psychotherapy. It holds international congresses every three years and is dedicated to the study and discussion of the possibility of treating schizophrenia and psychosis psychotherapeutically.

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